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Canary Wharf Commision 2023

Commisioned by Tracy Ogino of Canary Wharf Group for 15 paintings for show apartment - 8 Harbord Sq
Canary Wharf, London


Rare Culture, Spring 2024

An exciting collaboration has just begun with the effervescent Rare Culture in New York

(more to follow)

MAD Atelier London, Spring 2024 contemporary art, painter, figurative painting, painter based on the isle of wight, uk, sociopolitical paintings

"Raw" began in Februrary 2024 with Chantal Martinelli at the summerish MAD atelier focussing on warmth of color and rawness of gesture. (more to follow)

DeBois, NYC, Spring 2024

Casey DeBois is currently showing work from my "Light, Tunnel, End" series in NYC. 

(more to follow)

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