Tim Fawcett - Painter 

"... aligned with Tim’s calm manner is a heightened sensitivity to social situations ensuring the paintings created by this caring and perceptive artist filter his own feelings alongside challenging society’s standards." 

Sandra Smith  2018

Tim Fawcett is a painter, originally from Cambridge, studied Fine Art at Sunderland and Cambridge with PGCE training at Brighton. He moved to the Isle of wight, in order to commit to his practice full time.


Artist Statement:

I’m sure most of us have at some point played the family game of monopoly, a seemingly benign game on the face of it, but how many times have we all had to tolerate the intense one-upmanship that others see fit to unleash upon us, when they are winning?


It is perhaps this human trait, which I see as the tip of a malevolent iceberg, that I rail against, and fuels my impulse to paint. My art is rooted in empathy for the underdog and the repressed, it is an exploration of how and why I feel compelled to connect with this group, and indeed the audience, through the process of painting.


I am first drawn to found images of people with whom I feel an emotional affinity, this has led to collaboration with photo-journalists Lynsey Addario and Robin de Puy, and a more recent series of appropriated chiaroscuro paintings after Carravaggio. Then by responding instinctively through a rapid, gestural painting process, I aim to create a more honest, expressive and sometimes visceral new form. I am fascinated by the resulting unconscious application of paint, and it’s own abstract quality, which is equal in significance to the figures inhabiting that space.


A collector last year visited a show, she was immediately drawn to a large, frenetically gestural portrait I had recently finished. Silently, there she stood, gazing at the drippy painted surface. Her face first became red, followed by tears, floods of tears. This response is what makes my job totally worthwhile, and why I continue to paint - emotional connection!



2017  Solo show “Life is Modern Rubbish” Jackhouse Gallery Portsmouth

2013  "Distillation" Redrooster, Brighton  


2019  Open Studio , Ryde, Isle of Wight

2019  Quay Arts Gallery, Isle of Wight - Group Showcase

2018  Dynamite Gallery, Brighton -Group show,

2017  Camaver Kunsthaus, Italy, 

2017  Affordable Art Fair Battersea, London

2016  DMH Stallard London, Group show

2016  Ink-d Gallery Group show

2016  Shortlisted for National Open Art Competition

2016  Art for Syria Auction donation

2016  Big Heart Charity Auction donation

2015  Galerie de Francony -  Selected works

2015  King's Hill Gallery, Kent, UK  

 2015 DMH Stallard, Gatwick, UK

2015  Ink-d gallery - summer

2015  Saatchi online "Artist of the Day" 

2015  Spring Show Jeffrey Meier Gallery New Jersey 

2014  Phoenix Gallery Brighton "A3" group show & auction

2014   Phoenix Open Studios

2014  Ink-d Gallery Brighton  "Pushing Paint"

2013  Affordable Art Fair - Battersea, London

2013  JAG Gallery –Brighton

2016  Willow foundation Charity Art Auction

2012  Affordable Art Fair - Hampstead, London

2012  Affordable Art Fair - Battersea, London

2010-2012 Lilford Gallery, Canterbury

           Ink-D gallery Brighton 

           No Walls Gallery

           First Floor 2 Gallery

           Brighton Art Fair

           Brighton Festival, Five Ways GuestArtist

           Brighton Festival, Roundels &Scoundrels

           Worthing Museum & Gallery

           Horsham Museum

           Toovey’s Contemporary Art Auction

           Art House Emsworth

           Ceolfrith Gallery Sunderland

Contact Me

+44(0)7585 807693



Smith, Sandra: “In the Frame”, Hampshire Life, January edition, 2018


Crowe, Rebecca: “Modern Rubbish is Life”, Solo exhibition catalogue, 2017


Giornale di Lecco: “Villa Monastero ospita l’arte internazionale”, Italy 8th June 2017


Williams, Kathy (Mental Health Arts): “Unmade”, group show, Foal Arts, Ryde 2017

Private Collections:

UK, Italy, France, Australia, USA, Israel.

 © 2019 Tim Fawcett

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