Current Work:

These paintings were recently created at the artist's studio on the Isle of Wight, where booked viewings are recommended in advance. Thank you.

Scratching the Cognitive Itch
A Little Less Conversation & No beauty on the surface without terrible depth
Gales Fitzroy /Biscay & Viking / South Utshire
Engine Room, Loaded Dice & Flag Waving
Forties/Fairisles & Scratching the cognitive itch
And if, Spineless & Tyne/Dogger/German Bight
Rocall/ Malin & Forties/Fairisles
Loaded Dice
41 Vicarage Street & It's never enough
Group of three
Lock and Key & Butterflies
Grouping No2
Gales Fitzroy /Biscay & Chapeter & Verse
waist up and words get blown away
everlasting impossible and animal veg m
bonus points and play date
The Tenant
Winter 20/21
Almost Invisible